Rose Parade 2019

I have to admit that I have not paid very much attention to this major floral event called the Rose Parade in Pasadena Ca. Of course I knew it existed and probably even watched it in my youth. But in my current role as a floral journalist I need to get more involved in this floral event that has the whole world watching.

I do wonder how many of our floral industry friends are involved? All of the flowers covering the many floats have to come from the industry and yet I do not hear much about it. Perhaps I am not looking in the right places or perhaps I have gotten lazy and not opened my eyes long enough to see what is really happening.

I took some time to watch the latest edition and it is very impressive to see the extent of the work that goes into making these magical floats and the hords of volunteers that make it happen.

Maybe next year I can find a way to get to a parade that is all about flowers.



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