Smoked Hydrangea wins Noviflora NEW Award

Smoked Hydrangea wins Noviflora NEW Award

During the Sneak Preview Noviflora House Show ‘Floral Escape’ was the third time awarded the Noviflora NEW Award; a reward for the best novelty. Prior was nominated five products. The nominees were; Cymbidium Magic of Chocolate OrchiDiva, Zamioculcas zamiifolia Zenzi van Duijn Plant BV, Philodendron narrow Camouflage Van der Arend Tropical Plant Center, Smoked Hydrangea van Dijk van Dijk and Alocasia Stingray VDE Plant.

Nursery Dijk van Dijk received from the hands of Commercial Director Xander van Reisen NEW Noviflora the award and a check for € 5.000, – marketing support. The comments of the jury for the best newcomer of 2018: “The Smoked Hydrangea has a rebellious flower shows and beauty with a blackened edge. We expect to be addressed with a new audience there with this hydrangea; young consumers between 20 and 35 years. This breakthrough is made in the traditional market hydrangea. With its rugged exterior cardboard tray this newcomer is a striking appearance. ”

Noviflora differentiate itself in the market with new products and new concepts. The Sneak Preview is an event which is organized for the growers before the Noviflora Home Show. An excellent time to show how Noviflora products growers in an inspiring manner presents to customers. By developing ideas together, work out plans and leverage the expertise of the various links in the chain puts Noviflora in strategic partnerships with growers



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