Strange Times #6

Greetings to all:

Our Floral Ship is still aground but flowers are finding their way off the ship.
It appears we are stuck somewhere in the middle of trying to save our businesses while also trying to save ourselves.

I am not taking sides here as everyone has to make their own decisions regarding both possibilities. 
The demand for flowers luckily persist and as a result many companies are keeping one eye open for whatever business they can find. For this reason the rest of the industry has struggled along trying to meet these needs.
I have heard compelling arguments from both perspectives. One large South American grower put it this way. 

 A Miami importer doing 40 million in sales likely has around 70 employees. Those employees can work at home and help to minimize cost. A large farm in South America with similar sales is likely to have 2,000 employees. Most of them cannot work at home as the work needed requires hands on activity. If these employees can’t work they begin to starve.

Many have asked me if I think they production can meet demand once this is over?
The demand for flowers will not go from 0 to 100% over night, therefore, I am confident that there will be ample production to meet the demand as it ramps up. Mothers Day will be a challenge but I believe this situation will unfold and flowers will find their way.

This struggle is not over but there are positive signs popping up all over the place and flowers will find a way to do their thing.

Good luck to all. Stay safe.

Williee Armellini


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