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That Flower Feeling! Self care made easy

Thursday January 13th, during a zoom call with the floral industry a program called Floral Board was introduced by a group of floral executive representing their drafting committee. This group is close to presenting a marketing order to the US government where all importers would be assessed a 1% import fee and domestic growers a .5% fee based on farm gate pricing. There is, of course, much more to this well thought out plan than I can go into here, so here is a link to all you need to know, and you need to know.

The next presentation was a WOW!

CalFlowers, A California based organization has just done something incredible. They have funded and produced this fantastic promotional video “Flowers. Self care made easy” under the newly established brand “That Flower Feeling”.

They have also produced a whole suite of promotional material that are free to all in the industry to use. That’s right they are giving them away to the floral industry. This news was just released in a Zoom call for the industry to a stunned audience of floral executives.  This is a huge bold move by CalFlowers who have taken the initiative to promote flowers for all segments of the industry. It is all about their slogan;

“More Americans enjoying more flowers more often” 

As you will see, this whole program is about flowers with no mention of where they come from. This is gift to the industry.

To understand how the two programs fit together will take some time. Floralboard is a few years away, if it passes an industrywide vote and will be funded by an industry assessment. That Flower Feeling, is happening now and is funded by CalFlowers. click the link and be amazed.


Williee- Armellini, Editor


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