Things that make me wonder

Now that everyone has shared their holiday greetings and at least, thought about a New Years resolution, it is time to look forward into the new version of the Roaring 20’s.

Normally I would be telling you about a great event that I attended or some breaking floral news in this newsletter but, today without any specific floral news to talk about I will instead focus on some things that make me wonder.

Did you ever wonder why waiting 15 minutes for a table at a restaurant is OK, but waiting 20 minutes is too long? Or why is a tow truck is a welcome site if you are broken down on the road but not when you are having lunch and you see your car go by behind a tow truck?

Why is a police car a welcome site when they pull over a car that went speeding recklessly by you, but not when they are pulling you over.

What do you do if you curse at some creep that cuts you off while driving and then you discover that they have a bumper sticker about loving dogs or your favorite cause…… does it change your mind?

What happens when some of your friends or family are from the other political party or a Religion that you do not subscribe to? I suggest, keep your mouth shut and be happy with your own choices.

There will be many challenges in this new decade and many beautiful events to talk and wonder about. I hope that you will stay with me on this journey.

Well there you have it, my thoughts on the new year and if you are wondering if this was just a good way to get you to view my advertising sponsors you are right. would like to welcome our latest sponsors:

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