Special Bloom Show Episode from Ecuador Protest

Troubles in Quito

Troubles in Quito continue:

Here is what an Importer told me:

Situation is worsening

They are making it more and more difficult to pass on the roads, they are going to businesses and removing the people. Trucks are being held indefinitely in random checkpoints; president isn’t doing much to start dialogue. They are marching to Quito uninterrupted by police or anyone else.

I saw a video of a military convoy standing still just outside the city.

All the videos circulating tell parts of the story but what they don’t tell is these are not just indigenous people protesting and rioting, not sure how much of this is true , but I am told this is a political party of indigenous people and they are the majority of the population that seems their leadership wants the current president Lasso out of office and his people out and install the speaker of the house as president (a party member) . They have many alliances with other parties in the Senate as well.

Farms are getting hurt badly, not just having normal sales, but basic upkeep maintenance on the plants is not being done as it should be. This may cause a bigger shortage farther down the line. Time will tell.

I am very concerned not just about today, but for the weeks to come.

The market has not been very strong due to the upcoming 4OJ holiday, and that’s why we haven’t seen too much panic yet for supply, Miami coolers are emptying out fast. Lets see what happens there.


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