Örjan Hulshof speaks about the COVID-19 situation

Örjan Hulshof speaks about the COVID-19 situation

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With its roots anchored in more than 100 years of history, De Ruiter was originally founded as a grower, which has evolved into a dynamic concern of working companies with breeding, propagating, marketing and sales activities. Its breeding activities are no longer limited to cut rose products, but comprehend various non-cut rose products such as spray roses, pot roses, garden roses, cut- and pot hypericum, rose hips, Anigozanthos and Hortensias.

Örjan Hulshof, International Sales and Marketing Manager of De Ruiter Innovations B.V.

During the current partial lockdown, most Dutch office employees work from home. The colleagues who work in the show houses work in shared groups with a safe distance from each other. The situation in our foreign offices and show houses depends on the local laws imposed by the local government.

The most important thing at the moment is contact with your customers, sharing information and lend a listening ear. We as a breeder are the link in the chain that are approached by the growers when things are going well in the industry. We hope this is temporary, but not the case. On the other hand, every situation offers a reason to invest in new varieties.

If growers cannot deliver to the auction, growers will look for other ways to sell their production. That should offer opportunities if there is also sufficient logistics resources available. The latter is currently the question. Which choice growers can choose in collaboration with other chain partners. It will be a good one!

The strength of De Ruiter is that we as a company are present worldwide in the largest flower production regions and have the ability to apply an undifferentiated market approach. We have also bred the varieties for that. During this period we will continue to inform our customers worldwide with the strength of our product portfolio, its strong specs and all its further possibilities.

About De Ruiter
De Ruiter is constantly analyzing the market in an effort to anticipate market trends related to colors, shapes, performance, which is a process culminating in efficient breeding and selection procedures, within its main sites at the Netherlands installations, as well as its local offices with show- and testcases at Naivasha, Kenya, Ziway and Ethio Highland in Ethiopia, Bogota, Colombia and Tabacundo, Quito, Ecuador.

De Ruiter also collaborates with 24 agents and contacts who represent its varieties worldwide. Their customers are growers, but also the rest of the entire national and international flower chain are their customers. De Ruiter therefore, tries to reach the entire chain with its worldwide communication efforts.


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