Ecuadorean flowers duty increase

Flowers from Ecuador cost more to import in 2018 due to the GSP expiration.

For those who are not aware GSP or General System of Preferences is how exporting countries like Ecuador, in this case, are able to ship certain flowers into the US duty free. Roses are the exception as they currently are assessed a duty with most other products falling within the GSP guidelines.

The act is temporary and thus must be renewed every few years and we are now at that date and it has not renewed by  12-31-2017. So it has  lapsed and importers will need to pay the duty and hope they get the money back when the act is renewed. The cost will be passed along in prices as line items or buried in the cost. Obviously it is a political tool between the two countries, as well, so there are issues to be worked out before everyone signs.

The Ecuadorean and American governments have not been on warm terms for a while so there is no telling what will happen but I suggest they will work it out. But it is not a sure thing.

If you are importing Ecuadorean flowers you should check with your Customs Broker for details.

Beginning 1-1-2018 the rates are:

Roses.   6.8%
Mini carnations  3.2%
All other fresh flowers. 6.4%
Bleach, dyed, non fresh flowers  4%
Ferns, foliage, decorative greens  FREE.



Williee Armellini


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