Update #5

Greetings to all:

There is no sugar coating that is going to make the news any better but, here is what I know as of today.

Wholesalers not located in the NE are still operating but receiving about 20% of normal volume. In the NE it is worse as the stay at home requirements are making business impossible.

If there is any good news the supermarkets are still taking in flowers, not sure who is buying them, but they are moving. Perhaps our marketing is paying off and people are in fact buying flowers to brighten their homes and improve their mental state.

I reached out to some wholesalers but the news is what to be expected when the country is basically shut down. Not good.

The odd thing is that the flowers business is alive, at all, because we are falling under the agriculture exemption clause. Are we helping or hurting the over all situation?
If I have this wrong please share your thoughts.

Good luck to all. Stay safe.  
Williee Armellini
Editor: Flowersandcents.com

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