Valentine’s 2018 final review

It appears that the industry as a whole got an A- and had a good holiday based on some interviews with importers, wholesalers and growers.

The major issue seemed to be logistics out of Quito that delayed shipments. With that Said here is one Quito growers experience.

“Vday treated us well in terms of production, weather, quality and demand; however there were many issues with flight availability, delays, lack of cold room space at some local cargo agencies.  Overall satisfied customers!” From: Ecoroses

Wholesalers fared well due to good demand and reasonably good weather.

“I would say compared to my long history of Valentines it was an A

Production good with exception of late Ecuador and back up in the supply chain of being able to get product exported on time.Mexico cold weather caused a lot of problems for anyone placing orders in that region

Colombia – good with production and logistics for us with the one caveat is some older product being stored and shipped and the inevitable smaller head sizes on some farm Freedoms.

Customer Demand good up until the last minute

In the Mid Atlantic and North East for the first time in a long time we had no significant Weather issues between Richmond VA, out to Pittsburgh, up to Syracuse and across to Boston to hamper deliveries or our retailers business.” From : DVFG

The elog issue for truckers has made transport in the US a bit more complicated and costly. Now shippers are needing to ask truck drivers if they have enough hours to meet the deadline. It is very possible that a carrier could have to stop the truck just miles from the final delivery if they run out of hours.

I created a Valentines Day review poll on the website and encourage all to vote so we can see if my review is accurate.

Vote in poll.

Thanks for reading and now on to Mothers Day.

Williee Armellini


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