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Greetings to all and a Happy 2019.

I spend a good deal of time traveling to floral shows and reporting on them to you my readers (thank you). Hpp exhibitions has just announced that they are planning a show in Quito this year on September 30 through October 2nd.

As you might recall there were two shows in Quito held in  2018. The new Flor Ecuador show hosted by Expo Flores and the Agriflor show hosted by HPP were held at the same time. For many years, by design or otherwise, the Colombians and the Ecuadorans held their shows in alternative years.

HPP has decided that Ecuador needs a show each year as the growers aggressively fight for market share. These dates also happen to be two days before the Asocolflores, Proflora show held in Colombia on October 2,3 and 4. Therefore, buyers interested in attending both shows will need to  travel from Quito to Bogota, which is not difficult, I am told

Valentines Day is now on everyone’s radar and early reports indicate that there is little bad news to report. The importers and growers I have spoken to are optimistic about a Thursday holiday. Thursdays have traditionally produced a positive  holiday and we see no reason for that to change in 2019. The weather in South America has been good and as far as we can tell the crops are on time in both Colombia and Ecuador. I believe the major issue this year will be more of the same troubles with cargo capacity and cost out of South America. While flowers will no longer be competing with Christmas gifts for cargo space, the airlines will be charging what the market will bear and those cost must be absorbed somewhere along the distribution chain.

As I have reported more flowers than ever will travel by ship and hopefully buyers and consumers will never be able to tell the difference.

As the holiday progresses I will provide more details.

On another fun note: This is what I found today when looking for updates on Floral imports on a government website.

Lapse in Federal Funding Impact on CBP Website Operations Notice

NOTICE: Due to the lapse in federal funding, this website will not be actively managed. This website was last updated on December 21, 2018 and will not be updated until after funding is enacted. As such, information on this website may not be up to date. Transactions submitted via this website might not be processed and we will not be able to respond to inquiries until after appropriations are enacted.

A sign of things to come. Hang on.

Williee Armellini.
Editor: Flowersandcents.com


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