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Floral Computer Systems is a company that specializes in technological solutions for the Floral Industry. Our goal is to help floral growers, wholesalers and importers operate more efficiently by providing high quality consulting services, software and hardware that meets the needs of each customer.

Helping floral growers/wholesalers run & expand their businesses for over 30 years
With over 30 years of experience providing business consulting for the floral industry, software, support, technical services and hardware we have become a leader in this industry. Our mission is to provide business technology solutions that are reliable, user friendly, effective, works as promised, and increases efficiency.

John Henderson, our President, began his commitment to the Floral Industry as a consultant working in association with IBM to improve business operations for importers. Over the years he has expanded to help Growers and Wholesalers who are challenged by technology but need it to operate now and provide a path for their future. As a result of these efforts, he has developed specialized business consulting, software and a support team for Growers and Wholesalers.


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