Please share your Mothers Day results

Mothers Day appears to have been very good for all, if you had flowers to sell. 

The weather in South America and the logistics of moving flowers from off shore, made this a difficult holiday for  many growers.

Prices were excellent on the open market but mostly because there was little available inventory for sale. This was due to wet conditions at the farms and our industry trying to move too many flowers in a very short time via one primary destination. Miami. 

There is quite a dance that occurs nearly everyday in Miami as flights full of flowers arrive are processed and then moved on in various ways to various destinations. But as one can imagine , at Mothers Day the number of flights triple and this puts a strain on the whole system.  It really boils down to having enough airplanes available in the right placem at the right time and that has proved to be challenging when dealing with perishables that come out of the earth.

One way importers are bucking the trend is by using sea containers instead of cargo airplanes. I am aware of at least 130, 40’containers that were handled by one freight forwarder alone. Not all flowers work well in this environment but many do and I see more and more use of  sea as airspace gets more challenging.

From all that I have heard the retailers around the US were doing great and I would love to know what your experience was.

I have created the poll below and hope you will take a moment to vote.  You do not need to register or sign in, so it is easy and anonymous. Thank you.


Williee Armellini


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