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Valentine’s Update #3 Tight supply

The weather in South America has not been good for production producing many small stems or not producing at all.

There is little open market product as the bouquet makers bought up all they could find in order to fill their orders. The airlines, cargo and logistic companies were all well prepared for volumes that never happened.

All this means at this point is that flowers are fresh and those that pre-booked should be in good shape.

My African contacts tell me that their crops are right on time.

California has fresh flowers and a few more shipping days.

Florist should do well as long as the weather stays comfortable.

Speaking of florist, I had the opportunity to chat with two recently. One of the things I always found odd, while working as a wholesaler, was that we would hear stories of retailers taking their phones off the hook to stop taking orders a day or two before Valentines.

After talking to them I get the fact that a shop can only do so many successful deliveries in a given time. As one retailer said to me. “I can take 1,000 orders but I can only do 600 deliveries for Valentine’s successfully, so at some point you have to stop”. But the other big reason to stop accepting orders is so that you can accommodate walk-in traffic,

Walk in’s are good business and are often your best customers.

Good luck to all.

Williee Armellini
Editor: Flowersandcents.com


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