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     Honselersdijk, The Netherlands, 7 June 2023

    CosMic Plants first orchid grower in Canada to receive MPS-ABC certificate

    Having only started in 2022 with MPS-ABC environmental certification, CosMic Plants obtained MPS-A as their first qualification. Mike van Steekelenburg, co-owner of CosMic Plants is very pleased with this result.

     The company was founded by brothers Mike and Neil van Steekelenburg nineteen years ago, when they immigrated from Westland, The Netherlands to Niagara, Canada. Now, with a devoted team of employees they established a name and reputation for quality Orchids in two pot-sizes (8 cm and 12 cm) and in various product categories and concepts.

    To start with MPS-ABC, the company did not have to change their processes much. They had a gut feeling that their practices and data collection would already suit the MPS platform for a large part. That proved to be true. Their grower Mariah Hendriksen, who was tasked with the project to become MPS certified, has been diligent and meticulous with the data input and staying on track with the growing practices. Other than some administrational matters, nothing changed. Van Steekelenburg: “With MPS-ABC we felt supported from the start. Their online platform, support and service make the certification achievable in a step-by-step process that does not overwhelm.”

    Sustainability efforts

    The company’s Integrated Pest Management is 99% chemical free. They use beneficial insects, nematodes and BT’s and control the greenhouse environment in such a way that their plants are strong, and pests and diseases do not thrive. Chemicals are used as a last resort and only for the odd hot spot treatment. The company also uses natural gas as a heat source for the high efficiency boilers and the exhaust CO2 is cooled down by economisers and then used in the greenhouses to enhance growth.

    Working together on a sustainable future

    “CosMic Plants is an example of a company where growing high-quality products is combined with efforts towards a more sustainable production,” says Arthij van der Veer, Area Manager at MPS. “We are happy that they have chosen MPS-ABC and we look forward to further extending the cooperation in the near future.”

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