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    BIRMINGHAM, Alabama   A trendsetting American luxury lifestyle magazine, FLOWER, has become the latest publication to single out the FloraGUPPY as an important alternative to industry staple – green floral foam.  The article, in their Christmas issue, details what eco-conscious florists are doing to go ‘foam free’.

    The Flower article showcases foam alternative, FloraGUPPY, as South African floral designer Mabel Maposa’s favourite alternative for widely used floral foam. Mable says the FloraGUPPY makes it, “…easy to change water in the vase without destroying the shape of your arrangement.”   She also describes it as a ‘big advantage’ when  transporting floral arrangements.  The story also showcases other alternatives including widely used chicken wire and floral tape.

    The article follows another one in America’s oldest flower magazine, the Florist Review, which features a Washington area florist with more than 45,000 followers who also recommended the FloraGUPPY as an environmentally friendly helper for florists.  And earlier this year, the world’s most influential floral organization banned floral foam from its marquee flower shows in the UK. The ‘Guppy’ played an important role in a by-invitation only Covent Garden flower show where Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, crowned the winner.

    The fact that it is eco-friendly and can be reused has attracted widespread interest among florists concerned over the future of the planet. Inventor James Wong says, “I share their concern. I wanted to make a difference and I’m pleased to offer florists and DIY flower lovers something that is reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly.”

    As Christmas approaches along with the hunt for stocking stuffers, the FloraGUPPY has been recommended as a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer by another magazine – The Flower Arranger – the official publication of the UK’s flower arranging societies which have 21 regional branches located across the country.

    The game-changing ‘FloraGUPPY’ has become an overnight sensation. Schools teaching floristry in Europe and the U.S. have made it a teaching module. It was a hit at the Seattle Gardening and Flower Show attended by 60,000 consumers and was also featured in the International Fleurs de Villes outdoor floral art display show in downtown Vancouver this past June.

    On the face of it, it looks like nothing more than a plastic sphere with 58 holes of various sizes.  So what’s so great about the FloraGUPPY?  Just that it’s a new, revolutionary, eco-friendly alternative to floral foam. The FloraGUPPY is versatile, can be moulded in warm water and fitted in vases of different shapes and sizes and comes as two interlocking halves. It can be used for fresh cut, silk, paper craft and speciality plants like orchids.


    Media Contact:                                                              http://www.floraguppy.com

    Warren Michaels



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