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    Flower update.

    If you purchased / ordered Colombian Flowers chances are you are in good shape to get your products. If you are waiting for Ecuadorean Flowers be patient they will get there.

    Flowers are expensive due to freight cost therefore importers have a lot invested in them so I would not expect any price breaks. There will be plenty of flowers available, maybe not the variety or color you want but substitutes are your friend.

    Despite all the possible delays, weather, labor shortages, lack of lift and truck drivers, flowers are making their way thought the distribution channels and are heading your way.

    I imagine that the biggest challenge now is getting flowers from Florida or California to your door as the snow and ice are not helping matters.

    Good luck

    Williee Armellini
    Editor: Floiwersandcents.com

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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