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    16th March 2022
    Two weeks ago I wrote “Flowers won’t win any war but they do have the ability to help, console, raise funds, provide stability for growers and their workers and, above all, provide succour and hope.”

    That was proven when growers, wholesalers and florists gathered in cities and towns across the globe to create flower filled hearts declaring Love Not War.

    Meanwhile, Nolan Peterson, a war reporter in Ukraine posted a picture yesterday of a florist shop in Kiev that was still open whilst a video interview with 25-year-old florist Angela Kalisnik has gone viral.

    Because as of Saturday March 11th she was still selling locally grown flowers from her tiny shop just a short drive from the front line of Mykolaiv – an area in southern Ukraine under heavy attack.

    Her reason?  “Flowers continue to bloom in our region and we don’t want to throw them away.  War is war, but people continue to live, to celebrate birthdays.  We need to cheer people up and keep the economy going.”

    With Mother’s Day just 11 days away I can’t help thinking Angela has got it spot on.  Flowers are … heck, always have been … vital.  Even in WWII flowers were put back on the essential transport list by Winston Churchill who, according to legend, said people needed flowers and especially in times of war.

    Having sat with 30 florists and wholesalers on Monday, signs are that flowers will again be the most powerful conveyor of love for UK Mother’s Day and, as our news stories show, many are using their biggest trading day to raise much needed funds for people like Angela and her fellow Ukrainians.

    It may be hard to keep strong when you see the unfolding horror but yet again flower power takes on a whole new meaning … yet again I am proud to be part of an industry that is doing all it can to help.

    Kindest regards,

    Caroline Marshall-Foster

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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