Moving forward into Summer

Greetings to all;

The boost in sales from Mother’s Day was a welcomed change to what was anticipated. Pent up demand coupled with some really great publicity really made the difference.
I saw lots of social media about flower shops opening and growers reaching out directly to the public. Many great tributes with flowers being given to healthcare workers and hospitals. Gotta love Pop-up floral art!

The flower industry shined and used the power of our flowers and plants to make a difference. Good Job.

The results of the poll that I conducted on were encouraging.

How did Mother’s Day 2020 turn out for your company?
Way better than expected 51.19% (86 votes)
Great 16.67% (28 votes)
Good not great 16.67% (28 votes)
Not so good 5.95% (10 votes)
Terrible 1.79% (3 votes)
Other 7.74% (13 votes)
Since there were many empty buckets after Mother’s Day everyone needed to restock and that has kept the volumes up this week but the logistics are beginning to indicate that summer is here.

Many questions remain about how we move on in our personal and business lives. We are living in history and hoping for good things to come.

I am happy to share with you a short one minute video that I helped create for The Memorial Day Flower Organization. Please give it a look share it.

Finally, I was interview by “Flower Circus” from Holland and you might find it interesting to watch. Enjoy and stay safe.

Williee Armellini


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