Strange times part IV

Greetings to all:  
Despite the obvious mess we are in, flowers are moving once again.   The trucking companies are offering two days per week service and the demand is growing.   

Many states are treating florist and agriculture differently so not easy to say for certain where business is moving or not.  

For example Publix Supermarkets is planning to return to normal operations, regarding flowers, as of this Sunday. Suggesting that Publix has its act together more than some other chains.

The first news of farm closures has been made public. Ocean View flowers have decided to close for good.

With that said, please be sure to not use the word, “closing” if you are only shutting down temporarily. People, like me, will get confused.

I have seen very compelling videos from flower people and organizations. I can tell you that my wife bought flowers at the supermarket and they are beautiful. They do make the house feel warmer and happier along side all of my orchids that happen to be in bloom. Here is one from Ascolflores:  

Finally I see the situation like this. The floral business is like a mighty ship that has run aground. We are not sinking but we are stuck waiting for the tide to come in a re-float our ship so we can move on. When this happens I hope everyone is still on board….  
Please send me any news about your area and how you are coping with C19.  [email protected]  

Stay safe  

Good luck to all.  
Williee Armellini

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