The flower business is booming

The floral industry continues to outshine many others as consumers are home and want color and comfort in their homes..
There is lots of talk about how the bouquet makers are continuing to acquire farms in South America.
The Elite flower Company in particular has bought, taken over or one way or another acquired several well known Ecuadorean farms. Colour Republic has just released this statement:
“It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we announce that, as of today, Flor Eterna / Eternal Flower has merged into the Sueños de los Andes / Colour Republic group.”
Passion Growers also appears ready to acquire more production. The only large company that does not seem to be in acquisition mode is The Queens Flowers. My guess is that they prefer to add on to their existing acreage vs. buying established farms.
The biggest challenge that all of these companies face is transport and logistics.
The cargo airlines are running about 48 hours behind as they seek out better paying loads around the world. this has been going on before covid but has gotten worse according to my logistic sources. It also has to do with less cargo heading to South America. Importers have to deal with this delicate balance of freight movement.
One Large Midwest wholesale had this to say;
We are hanging in there but still digging out of the big hole from March and April. YTD our sales are down 18% but each month the trend continues to be that we are down a smaller percentage vs the year before. Some branches are actually showing sales increases over last year for the last couple months but are still down in sales YTD.
Some of the biggest challenges right now are the delays in airfreight from SA effecting our ability to fulfill orders on time and also as crazy as it sounds finding people to hire. Seems so many people are doing better financially staying home getting unemployment and stimulus checks than working. They apply for open positions but they don’t respond to interview requests. Makes me think they are just applying to satisfy the unemployment offices requirement that “they are looking for work”. 
Stay tuned to for more interviews with the movers and shakers of the Floral industry.

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