Cold out there!

The cold weather has affected floral transport but the wheels keep on moving. Speaking with some of the carriers it seems the biggest issue is the unusual cold and icy whether in the southern states.

Armellini said:

Snow in Jacksonville is hardly normal and this has slowed the trucks down. As well the Interstate highways have been shut down from time to time as ice creates a accident waiting to happen.

Drivers need to drive slow and they simply cannot move as fast when making deliveries. Getting boxes out of a truck and into a shop without freezing them is a challenge. Wholesalers need to be sure they are prepared as well.”

Prime Floral said:

“Unusual weather conditions in the southeast are impacting some delivery timing for us.  Frigid temperatures throughout other regions of the country cause additional issues like fuel gelling, so the use of additives is critical right now.  If and when at all possible, our operations personnel trip plans progressively with drivers to avoid problematic areas but it’s a moving target.   Conditions are ever changing and trying to predict safe driving conditions in advance is far from an exact science.   Flower loads are lightweight in nature, so road closures due to snow aren’t the only obstacle.  Wind gusts 25mph+ on ice covered roads that can lead to dangerous rollover situations are the biggest threat to driver, equipment and product safety. 

Communication is increased during these times to keep customers advised of lingering delays.  We provide regular updates as new information becomes available, sometimes multiple times per day.   Safety to all involved is paramount so everyone’s patience is very much appreciated as our staff and professional drivers navigate these treacherous conditions. ”

Fern Growers here in Florida are icing down the crops to protect the delicate ferns from extreme cold. By coating them with a blanket of ice from the sprinklers.

Stay warm. 




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